Fair​-​Weather Love

by Bermudian Aggression

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The last memory that you need, is what you've always had beneath
Your rusty skin, and the lies you spin
Do you remember how to live, because the years they don't forgive
Stand up and show the light your face
We don't belong in this place

Rise, child, and tell me it's all been a waste?

I was only joking when I said that it would always be this way
The sex machine and the beauty queen they both turn old and grey
But I will always be, your fair-weather love

Breathe, breathe me in - I'm just that thin
Exhale. What do you see?
Explain it to me.
Because peace - peace don't come cheap.
That why, some pills you keep
While others wash away
Sleep is for the weak.

Night falls - whether you like it or not

It's never such a cold, dark, night unless you think of it that way
You grow into your freedom, or you throw it all away
And clarity, is just blindness burning away

But it really was a cold, dark, night when I needed you to stay
I guess the storm and the rain was too much for you to take
Always and nevermore, my fair-weather love


released October 6, 2012
Josh Kienitz on guitars, vocals, and djembe; Dan Allard on keys; Produced, mixed and mastered by Bermudian Aggression, Dan Allard and James Boblak at Artpoke Studios, Berkeley




Bermudian Aggression San Francisco, California

Bermudian Aggression is a mostly acoustic San Francisco synth pop collective featuring Josh Kienitz on guitars, vocals, and bass, Dan Allars on keys and synth, Kyle Hubbard on percussion, and a varying cast of friends. We strive to create something fresh and pleasing to the ears, but serious enough to take a second listen to. Please enjoy responsibly. ... more

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