by Bermudian Aggression

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A murder mystery (of sorts).


"Mine are more than laughing tricks," the Wizard to the King, "and yours are more than worries of the hour." The Warrior's half interest, one uplifted brow, says "tell me what you know - and do it know."

"Well, innocence has many dents, but she keeps us from the blue - as darkness trains its hungry eyes on you." "In a sense, this is the best thing we could ever do. So light me up and then we're goin' down ..."

To the river tonight, we're we'll drink like the night doesn't end. We'll breathe smoke and fire like the dragons of old, and our hearts won't notice the cold.

The King told his beloved all about the Wizard's plan - thinking that he had to make a stand. The Queen put up a token fight, as she knew she should. Then for one last time she took his hand.

Trumpets bore the festival down to the Riverland. The prince, the knights, Sir Robin and his band. The Wizard's kegs were tapped before before the sun began to drown. But the Mage himself was nowhere to be found ...

By the River that night - when the mighty King made his last stand. The Man in Black surprised them - that drunken little lion's den. The Snake wasn't seen 'til the end.

The King's sword flashed by the firelight ... But the poison was playing with his mind. Eight Shadows fell under righteous steel, but the Man in Black came from behind.

The Queen's ears heard the tragedy from the King's most trusted squire. The Wizard - oh the stories he can tell. He warned about the troubled times, and ruling on her own ... But her Majesty she knew him much too well. Much too well.

She forced some sobs of grief just as her heart filled with rage. And the tears of a woman fooled the Mage. Quietly she tucked the poison dagger 'tween her breast. She smiled at him and whispered ...

Let's go down, to the River tonight. Where we'll drink like the night doesn't end. We'll breathe smoke and fire like the dragons of old. And our hearts won't notice the cold.


released February 2, 2013
Josh Kienitz (vocals, bass, guitars); Eyal Cohen (violin); Dan Allard (keys, synth); Kyle Hubbard (percussion); James Boblak / Artspoke Studios (mix / master / record)




Bermudian Aggression San Francisco, California

Bermudian Aggression is a mostly acoustic San Francisco synth pop collective featuring Josh Kienitz on guitars, vocals, and bass, Dan Allars on keys and synth, Kyle Hubbard on percussion, and a varying cast of friends. We strive to create something fresh and pleasing to the ears, but serious enough to take a second listen to. Please enjoy responsibly. ... more

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