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This is a song about a war and a president - or, about some wars and some presidents - depending on how you look at it.


You look up at the sky for something new; nothing but zeroes coming through.
Square your shoulders for a fight; so someone else can sleep at night.
Isn't it just a war, to keep bread on the table?
What is the killing for - an American fable?
Where the man running the ship, is just servicing his lip, so he can sleep at night.
Sometime she has to stand alone; thousands of miles from her home.
Liberty rests her feet on Satan's throne.
Silently she knows ...
You can't build on the desert sand, and you can't drink the water.
Try to make a stand, but your words are hollow.
When your eyes are filled with dust, and your gun's caked with rust, and you can't sleep at night.
Your leader's just a man - not a king or a savior.
But your hopes are in his hands, so you'll rename his failure.
As something you can trust - or, at least, not think of - so you can sleep at night.


released October 4, 2012
Written by Josh Kienitz (vocals, guitars). Dan Allard on piano and flute. Produced, mixed and mastered by Bermudian Aggression and James Boblak (Artspoke Studios).




Bermudian Aggression San Francisco, California

Bermudian Aggression is a mostly acoustic San Francisco synth pop collective featuring Josh Kienitz on guitars, vocals, and bass, Dan Allars on keys and synth, Kyle Hubbard on percussion, and a varying cast of friends. We strive to create something fresh and pleasing to the ears, but serious enough to take a second listen to. Please enjoy responsibly. ... more

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