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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bermudian Aggression and James Boblak at Artspoke Studios, Berkeley, California (2013).


Digging up old bones and making a bonfire
If you've got the time, take a seat, stay a while
No throwin stones, but friend, tell it to me straight
Did I throw away the gold - just to speculate?

Hear the old redwood crackle and split
Maybe there's a song in it
The pyre grows up just like your soul: asymmetrically

See the flames dance their destruction
They're hastening the ash that we all become
Only lucky men get the chance to explain themselves.
We got all night - after that you can go to hell

Don't try to run - the circle will bring you back
Don't try to hide your eyes
This trip we're on - it ends in a flash, that's brighter than you realize.

One life just isn't enough
For un-simple minds - yeah, we got it rough
One face, without enough time to cry

Hear the old redwood crackle and split
There's gotta be a song in it
This house is burnin down, out of control. But so colorfully.
Nobody ever wants to die along. That's just destiny.


released May 18, 2013
Josh Kienitz (guitar, bass, vocals); Dan Allard (keys); Kyle Hubbard (percussion); Eyal Cohen (violin).




Bermudian Aggression San Francisco, California

Bermudian Aggression is a mostly acoustic San Francisco synth pop collective featuring Josh Kienitz on guitars, vocals, and bass, Dan Allars on keys and synth, Kyle Hubbard on percussion, and a varying cast of friends. We strive to create something fresh and pleasing to the ears, but serious enough to take a second listen to. Please enjoy responsibly. ... more

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