The Night Will Call You Anything

by Bermudian Aggression

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It's not only about Amsterdam


The night will call you anything; any name except the one you choose
You spend your life discovering all there is to lose
Everyone's given you clues

With the love of a god, who's more likely than not, just as real as the view from the top
Of that shimmering tower, where the bell tolls the hour, where the wise, the good, and the dying unite

A quiet garden in the East, she appears, practiced at the art of looking lost
You move to reciprocate her unspoken need, deftly not thinking of cost

When the love of a girl sets a torch to your world, and the flames aren't your only mistake
You're wishin' liars got to heaven, and you could be home by 11, so she could leave the knees of her disgrace

If you listen to the words, it won't help your concern about how much I talk to myself
Yes, it's me who wrote this, and I'll take your diagnosis, and all the sympathy that you can sell
They'll never put this on the radio - I'm just a musical Lothario
Baby, I can go the distances they can't


released October 5, 2012
Dan Allard on keys and synth; Kyle Hubbard on congas, Josh Kienitz on guitars and vocals; Mike Galvan on bass; recorded, mixed, and produced by Bermudian Aggression, Dan Allard at the home studio in SF, and James Boblak at Artspoke Studios in Berkeley




Bermudian Aggression San Francisco, California

Bermudian Aggression is a mostly acoustic San Francisco synth pop collective featuring Josh Kienitz on guitars, vocals, and bass, Dan Allars on keys and synth, Kyle Hubbard on percussion, and a varying cast of friends. We strive to create something fresh and pleasing to the ears, but serious enough to take a second listen to. Please enjoy responsibly. ... more

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